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Join us for a 2-hour private workshop made for all levels.

We can also offer:

Regular courses for individuals or groups

Renting our space for practice

Firing and glazing your pots

Creating your own 3d printed stamps

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Handmade coffee mugs .

Handmade coffee mugs . .

Chip and dip bowl! .

Chip and dip bowl! . .

Hand-warming mugs 🍵🌿 .

Hand-warming mugs 🍵🌿 . .

Dressed up jewelery bowl

Dressed up jewelery bowl

Under the sun .

Under the sun . .

Handmade plates 🇬🇷

Handmade plates 🇬🇷 . .

Unintended outcome or when you find an o

Unintended outcome or when you find an o

Sea crawls the land 🌊⛰️

Sea crawls the land 🌊⛰️ . .

Abbey's handmade waterbowl 🐾 ⛲

Abbey's handmade waterbowl 🐾 ⛲ . .

Handmade lidded jars 🎇

Handmade lidded jars 🎇 . .

Sandy-Turquoise Chip n Dip ⛱️.

Sandy-Turquoise Chip n Dip ⛱️. . .

Stacked bowls are so satisfying 🥞 .

Stacked bowls are so satisfying 🥞 . . .

Handmade wine pitcher🍇
This one holds 5

Handmade wine pitcher🍇 This one holds 5

Another homemade glaze on marbled clay �

Another homemade glaze on marbled clay �



With the goal of spreading the love of pottery locally and abroad, we decided to create "Cretan Spiral Pottery", a small local business. Our studio is situated in our family's olive farm by the sea, in eastern Crete. 

How I came about to become a professional potter, dates back to the early 2000's, when I was introduced to pottery by a third-generation Cretan potter. He had a small studio in our farm, where he mostly made ceramic bottles where we would store and sell our olive oil. As years went by, we developed a student-mentor relationship, which led to my 9 years of throwing and glazing experience.


At first, having grasped the basics of pottery on the wheel, showing a lot of persistence on the fundamentals, I decided to start helping guests make their own pots. For over 6 years, I have developed a more structured way of sharing my knowledge with guests.


"Cretan Spiral Pottery" focuses more around functional pottery and tailor-made workshops for all levels, following traditional  techniques, while using locally-produced clay. 



Inside Cretan Olive Oil Farm


Agios Nikolaos 72100

Eastern Crete


Mob: 0030 6979997617

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