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Seminars & Studio Amenities for Regulars

We are providing locals around our area the opportunity to learn and enjoy pottery on the wheel and beyond!

You can sign up at the bottom of this page to receive our short introductory video suitable for all beginners (free of charge) and we will inform you of the next available 2-hour introductory seminar which we will organise as often as required.


The seminars

Our beginner's two-hour seminar will be focusing on practicing the techniques provided by our introductory video. Furthermore, we will learn the basics of completing a ceramic piece and learn our way around our pottery studio. The price is 25€ per person for the complete seminar which can have up to 4 participants.


After the seminar

Our main objective is freedom of expression and creativity. Once the student has grasped the basics of the wheel and has gotten a glimpse of the various corners of our studio then it is time to practice and learn. For that we will provide the main ingredients and tools as well as a nice calm environment.


The first steps of creation

In our studio you will be able to produce pieces either on the wheel or by using our handbuilding tables.

We can provide four potter's wheels which create minimum noise and have a detachable pedal for speed control. We also have lots of pottery and electrical tools that you can use. The price of renting our studio is 10€/per hour (with an appointment the day before).



We mainly work with local Cretan clay which is a low firing earthenware, but we can provide more types of clay. You are also welcome to bring your own clay.

Cretan Red Clay

Pugged 3.00€/per kg

Italian Red Clay

Raw 1.50€/per kg

White/Beige German Stoneware Clay with 25% fine chamot

Raw 3.00€/per kg

White Earthenware Clay

(Special Dinnerware Clay)

Raw 1.60€/per kg



Participants of our beginners seminar will be offered a free bisque firing for one of their pieces. Firing clay requires a special kiln which can usually reach temperatures of up to 1300℃. Once the clay is fired to temperatures above 800℃ it becomes ceramic.

The price per firing is 2€ per piece of up to 10cm³.



In our studio we have plenty of glazes and all the necessary tools to finish a ceramic piece and even make it suitable for tableware use. We can also provide you with the necessary ingredients to paint your pieces. 

Glazing costs greatly vary but an average (dip glaze) is 2€ per 10cm³ piece. The exact amount will be calculated using a high accuracy weight scale once the pot is dipped.

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